Krótki opis

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Cechy kluczowe

  • Very high rotational stability thanks to its haptic design
  • Perfect centration due to its fixed positioning in the capsulorhexis
  • Natural contrast and colour perception
  • Aspherical opti
  • True 360° sharp optic edge
  • Aberration neutral


Now available: FEMTIS IOL

With ever increasing precision through improvements in preoperative diagnostics and now also the possibility to automate important steps of the surgical procedure like the automated Capsulorhexis, we are striving to meet these high expectations. So when it comes to the intraocular lens, we should be able to harness all these improvements by using an IOL that through its design gives us perfect centration, excellent stability and best possible optical quality. The newly developed, rhexisfixated FEMTIS IOL has 4 additional anteriorly placed haptics that are placed in front of the anterior capsule in the automatically created perfectly round and centered CCC.