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IC-1E, Instrument column

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IC-1E, Instrument column
IC-1E, Instrument column, is part of the successful IC-1 series. This wallmounted table is suitable to accommodate ophthalmic instruments in a small space, and especially designed for Topcon's joystickfree touchscreen instruments. The IC-1E has a large stroke of 600mm, to be used in sitting position as well as standing position. Czytaj więcej>

Cechy kluczowe

  • Innovative design
  • Extremely space saving
  • Easy wheelchair accessibility
  • Large tabletop elevation stroke of 600mm
  • Standing and sitting position usability
  • Tabletop available for one or two instruments

Produkty powiązane


IC-1E, Instrument column, is part of the successful IC-1 series. In comparison to the IC-1, the IC-1E enables you to use the complete tabletop as a work area.
The IC-1E is available with a tabletop for one instrument or a large tabletop which accommodates two instruments. The tabletop comes in two colors: white & blue.
The IC-1E is unique in it's compact dimension and small footprint. Similar to the IC-1, the IC-1E, Instrument column, has a remarkable large stroke of 600mm.
IC-1E is especially designed with Topcon’s joystick free touchscreen instruments in mind.